Dell Mini 3i heading to UK

The Dell Mini 3i Android phone is on its way to the UK. That’s the word direct from Dell, who told us at an exclusive CES event this morning that its Google-backed blower “was built specifically with the UK in mind.”

The touchscreen Dell Mini 3i is a rather natty number, with a skinned version of Android ticking along underneath a 3.5-inch screen, with a 640×360 resolution. There’s a 3 megapixel snapper slapped on the back, with zoom, autofocus and video all on board.

No Dell Android phone for UK?

Naturally the Dell Mini 3i also packs in GPS and Bluetooth. While Dell execs told a room full of hacks it was on its way to Europe, they were more up front about UK plans when we quizzed them, saying it was meant for us Brits in particular. However, they kept schtum about when it’ll land in Blighty and just who will be flogging it.

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