Asus Waveface concept blows us away

As names go, it’s possibly the most ludicrous we’ve ever heard. But Asus Waveface is the tech titan’s spanking new cloud concept. It includes a slew of stunning next-gen gadgets, which it reckons will be dominating the headlines over the coming years. From transparent watchphones to slinky new TVs, Waveface looks utterly insane.

The Waveface watchphone, if it ever sees the light of day, will make the LG Watchphone look like an old school Casio digital timer. It’s a stunner, which Asus reckons will hook up to the cloud to give you quick and easy access to all your docs on your wrist.

Beyond the watchphone, we also got a glimpse of the Waveface Light laptop, with a flexible display which can be flattened out and used as a tablet on a desk, or as a regular netbook. Then there’s the Waveface Casa home entertainment system, made for hooking up to the cloud in your front room.

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Of course, Waveface is all future gazing. But a time where we can access our mails via a transparent flexible watch and do a Flat Stanley with our laptop is something we’re more excited about than the silly Waveface name itself.

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