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The Sony Ericsson S312 is a quirky little phone with a shiny shell and a slim, firm, form factor that feels nicer than any Sony Ericsson dumbphone we’ve seen in a long while. Is it all looks and no brains though? Find out in our Sony Ericsson S312 review.

Checking the spec sheet, there’s no reason the Sony Ericsson S312 should stand out. A two megapixel camera, no 3G, and a low res 176×200 screen? So far, so 2004.

But the Sony Ericsson S312’s selling point is style, and it’s got it in buckets. Like an LG Shine, the Sony Ericsson S312 has a screen that acts as a mirror when powered off, and we love how it wraps around the side of the handset. It’s not quite as impressive as the see through display of the Sony Ericsson Pureness, but at least you can use it in daylight with no problems.

The angular, solid candybar feel to it is fantastic, and the Sony Ericsson S312’s keypad is bouncy in a way that makes typing a doddle. The camera meanwhile isn’t half bad for something so low res, and the dedicated video camera key next to the shutter button on the side of the phone is useful for any happy slapping addicts who like to capture every moment on film.

Sony Ericsson’s typical OS though is a disappointment on the Sony Ericsson S312. It’s unusually laggy, especially when it comes to taking and processing pictures, and is missing apps which really ought to have reached the budget end of the Sony Ericsson line right now, like Facebook.

It being a cheaper Sony Ericsson phone, the S312 skips the 3.5mm audio for your own headphones, natch. This a red mark, and the phone gets a See Me After Class for the usual Sony proprietary memory stick nonsense instead of microSD too.

For what it does, the Sony Ericsson S312 is still too pricey. But if you want a phone that looks stylish and don’t have several hundred quid knocking around for the Sony Ericsson Pureness, you may still love it nonetheless.

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