Google Maps UK adds real estate search

Google Maps just got a fantastic new feature for anyone in search of a new crib. As rumoured, it now boasts a real estate search aggregator that pops up with available pads on the map.

It’s a momentous addition to the already powerful Google Maps, and if it’s free for estate agents as reports claim, means the search giant is poised to undercut yet another industry entirely.

Click on over to the More link at the top of the Google Maps windows, and choose Real Estate. Just like the Google property search feature in Australia, it lets you search by rent or freehold, specify size and even price bracket. Search, and up pop the results in a column, just like any other query you put into Google Maps.

Google branching out into property search

The Google Maps property search appears to be working across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so give it a whirl and see if you come across any to die for digs through it.

Out Now | £free | Google Maps (Via Pocket-lint)

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