iViewer iPlayer TV coming soon from… Marks Spencer

A new TV, dubbed the iViewer, is set to hit britain, packing in BBC iPlayer as standard. Sounds great, but surprisingly it’s not one of the major electronics brands pulling the strings behind the scenes, it’s Marks & Spencer.

The iViewer TV will bring on-demand shows to the big screen without a set-top box or games console.

I’ll be a bargain too, coming in 26 or 32 inches, priced at £399 and £499, although only the 32 inch model is Full HD, the smaller model is 720p.

The iViewer TV will be branded as a Marks & Spencer telly, although it’s actually being manufactured in North Yorkshire by British firm Cello Electronics.

Cello sent us a picture of the TV, which looks pretty slick, packing in weather widgets, YouTube and streaming media around the home, as well as tuning into the BBC iPlayer.

The iViewer TV will be on sale December 10 through the Marks & Spencer website. In the new year, it’ll be available in high street stores too.

There are a few snags though. The TV connects using a wired ethernet port. If you want to use Wi-Fi, you’ll need a separate dongle.

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