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Google Maps Navigation works in the UK, as we showed you earlier today. Balking at the price of satnav apps on the Android Market? Fancy getting turn by turn free? Here’s our tutorial to show you how it’s done.

This method will let you install Google Maps Navigation on a mobile running Android version 1.6. It doesn’t require any rooting around in code, or even any major modding, so even newbies to the modding scene will be able to pull this one off. Although we’ve had no hiccups installing Google Maps Navigation on our HTC Magic, the steps outlined below are taken at your own risk, but be sure to let us know which phones and networks you manage to get this running on. Happy driving, and thanks again to Electricpig reader Matt for the heads-up!

What you’ll need

  • 1 Android 1.6 phone (We prefer the HTC Magic)
  • 1 microSD card
  • 1 microSD card reader or USB cable


  • If it’s not updated, install the 1.6 Donut upgrade for your Android phone. The device should prompt you to do this itself, once it’s online.
  • Download the ApkInstaller app from the Android Market (Search for “apk”).

Google Maps NavigationMethod

  • You’ll need to download a specially modified version of Google Maps onto your PC, which can be found here [Thanks to partypas for getting it working]. It’s a mere 2MB download so will take just seconds.
  • Connect your phone via a micro USB cable, or slip the micro SD card into a reader and plug it into your PC. Copy across the file.
  • Disconnect your Android phone from the USB cable, or insert the micro SD card.
  • Install the modded Maps by firing up ApkInstaller and opening the file you copied across to the micro SD card.
  • You might be prompted to give the phone the OK to install non-Android Market apps if you haven’t already. Do so.
  • You’ll now have two Maps icons in your menu screen (See screenshot). Open the second one, and input your directions in Google Maps as you normally would.
  • You’ll be given the option to “Show on map”, or “Navigate”. Press the Navigate option and, bingo, you’ve got Google Maps Navigation.
  • Finally, download Nav Launcher from the Android Market to quickly jump to the Navigation feature in Maps.
  • And that’s it: you’ve now got a free satnav app on your Android phone. Enjoy Google Maps Navigation in the UK!

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