BBC iPlayer iPhone app leaked, TV downloads incoming

The BBC iPlayer will soon bring downloads and live streaming to the iPhone, as well as interactive options and built-in radio support too. How do we know? Because the BBC just leaked a screenshot of it in action.

Bundled inside a press pack announcing viewing figures through iPlayer, the image shows a brand new BBC iPlayer iPhone app, complete with search, a live streaming button and the option to download shows.

What’s more, live shows sport the option to “send a message” to the programme direct from the iPhone app. None of the new features are currently available to iPlayer viewers on iPhone, who are limited to using a web app version, albeit with an iPhone-specific interface.

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There’s no timescale for the app’s release, but from these screengrabs it looks well developed. The new iPlayer iPhone app is shown working on a Wi-Fi network, which suggests 3G streaming is disabled, as it is in the existing web app. However, if BBC really does have plans to allow TV downloads onto the iPhone, that might not matter too much.

TBC | £free| BBC iPlayer (Thanks to Neowin for the tip!)

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