Sony Ericsson Pureness 2 in the works

Think the Sony Ericsson Pureness is a one-off see-through gimmick? Think again. The phone’s designer confirmed to us there’s already a second version in the works. What will the Pureness 2 pack inside? By the sounds of it, even less than the original.

We spoke to the Sony Ericsson Pureness’s designer, Daniel Mauritzson, who told us they’re already working on the next version. He told us it’d continue the original’s mission of simplifying mobile phones, boiling them down to the very basic functions to act as a “counterbalance” to feature-packed smartphones.

Sony Ericsson Pureness hands-on photos!

Details were sketchy, and it doesn’t sound like Sony Ericsson has progressed very far with the Pureness 2. Mauritzson says he is concentrating on “taking away” rather than adding features, and when pressed said: “You could remove the keys…” before trailing off.


He did hint that the focus would be on the software inside the Pureness 2 though, stating that Sony Ericsson designers had been forced to think differently by the monochrome screen, dealing in large, high contrast icons, and that future versions would simplify it even further.

Don’t hold your breath for the Sony Ericsson Pureness 2 any time soon though, Mauritzson says the original took two years to create, as it grew from a side-project into a fully-fledged phone, good enough for Sony Ericsson to give it Xperia branding.

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