Spotify on Symbian - Everything you need to know

So, Spotify on Symbian has finally got all official on us, letting Nokia nuts going music mad on the move. But before you go downloading the planet’s favourite tune-based app, make sure you get clued up on exactly what Spotify on Symbian does, how it works and what it means for you.

It’s premium
No surprises here. Just like the Spotify iPhone app and Spotify Android app, Spotify for Symbian requires you to stump for a premium account. That costs £9.99 a month, but will get you ad-free tunage on your PC as well as endless tracks on your Nokia blower, without so much as a peep from those increasingly annoying commercials.

But it’s not just smartphones at this Spotify party
No sirree. Of course, it’ll play nice with Nokia N-series and E-series cells, but dumbphones are coming to the Spotify Symbian party too. That means the likes of the Nokia 5320, Nokia 6220 Clasic and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will all play nice. Sounds like the last nail in the coffin of Nokia Comes With Music, no?

Spotify on Symbian arrives!

And it’s not just Nokia
And being Symbian, it isn’t just Nokia phones getting musical. Spotify on Symbian will also work with two touchscreen stunners, the Sony Ericsson Satio, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, as well as the Samsung GT-I7110. You can get a full list of supported cells over on the official Spotify Symbian site.

You need a fixed priced data plan
Not paying a flat rate for your mobile web? Then you’ll need to get that sorted, stat. Spotify on Symbian will only work if you’ve got one, according to official sources. So before yout slap Spotify on your Nokia, make sure you’re not paying for data as you go.

It works just like the Spotify iPhone app, but better
That means Spotify on Symbian will work offline when you’re out of range, sync updates from your desktop and vice versa. But best of all, Spotify on Symbian will work in the background, leaving you to text, surf and fart about without having to stop listening to tracks.

It’s easy to access
Premium account sorted? Got the right phone? Got a data plan? Then it’s time to get Spotify on Symbian up and ready. It couldn’t be easier. Just head to and download the app. If you’re still unsure if your Nokia (or other Symbian phone) will work, go to the Spotify Symbian info page, tap in your number and it’ll tell you if you’re good to go.

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