LG Viewty Lite review
We love
Camera is ace
We hate
Unresponsive touchscreen, lack of Wi-Fi
More of a rebadge than a rejig, the Viewty Lite is great for snaps, not so good for anything else
Launch Price
£Free on contract

The original LG Viewty was one of the very best 5 megapixel camera phones out there. And while its beefed up successor, the LG Viewty Smart, has been taking sweet mobile snaps since the summer, the original model has been rebadged and pared down as the LG Viewty Lite. So is this just a case of the old-school version getting a new lease of life? Read our LG Viewty Lite review now and we’ll give you our definitive verdict.

The LG Viewty Lite has plenty in common with rivals like the Samsung’s Tocco Lite and Genio Touch. It’s a simple touchscreen blower, without the smartie skills we’ve become used to on finger-friendly phones. That means no Wi-Fi, GPS or third party apps for your perusal.

However, unlike its Korean competitors, the LG Viewty Lite does pack in at least a couple of neat extras. 3G is here for zippy web browsing, but the biggest draw is the 5 megapixel camera. That might not seem like a big deal with the Sony Ericsson Satio packing in 12MP. But this is a cheap PAYG phone, not a top notch model for all occasions.

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Like the original, the LG Viewty Lite’s camera is excellent. Pics are sharp and crisp and we were happy enough to use this when carting around our compact just wasn’t viable. There’s a Xenon flash, so shots down your dingy local come out just fine and even VGA video is a neat addition.

However, all those camera skills mean the LG Viewty Lite doesn’t live up to its name. It’s a chunky monkey when put against Samsung and HTC’s similar cells and doesn’t sit in the pocket as easily either.

There are also some other major problems here. The touchscreen is unresponsive and feels as if LG has shoved on the shonky version from its ageing first-gen Prada phone. The LG Viewty Lite is really let down by this, as well as the UI, which is confusing and not at all intuitive. Basic phones should be easy to navigate and this isn’t.

As a cheap camera phone, the LG Viewty Lite is fine. But use it for other basics, even texting, and problems will reveal themselves quickly. If you want a bargain touchscreen, the HTC Tattoo remains the place to go.

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