Samsung Genio Touch review
We love
Touchwiz widgets, great looks
We hate
Lack of killer features found on rivals, no 3.5mm jack, weedy camera
A decent basic mobile phone that can’t quite live up to its Android packing rivals

Samsung Tocco Lite not for you? Then how about the Samsung Genio Touch? Yet another budget blower from the Korean giant, it promises to offer touchscreen action for less than a night down the pub followed by a greasy curry. So how does it measure up to the burgeoning competition? Read our full Samsung Genio Touch review and we’ll give you our definitive verdict.

The differences between the Samsung Genio Touch and the Tocco Lite, in terms of software at least, are minimal. Like its bro’, the Genio Touch lacks GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G. But then that’s the whole point. This is for punters who want a cool phone that does the basics well.

And there’s no doubting the Samsung Genio Touch can handle standard issue mobile tasks with aplomb The 2.8-inch touchscreen is ample and surprisingly responsive and the numeric on screen keypad is fine for quick texting, although a QWERTY one would certainly have been welcome.

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The Touchwiz UI won’t let you nab apps from a dedicated store, but you can choose to stick widgets on the front page, including BBC news updates and Facebook. For those with minimal needs on the move, that’s pretty handy.

The music software on the Samsung Genio Touch is also a peach. It’s easy to use and you can shove tunes on microSD for listening. The only issue we have here is the lack of a 3.5mm jack. The Tocco Lite has the same problem and it really is a miss. Unsurprisingly the Samsung proprietary buds are tawdry, so you’ll need to use an adapter if you want to use your own cans. The 2 megapixel camera is underpowered and not up to the task either.

The major issue we have with the Samsung Genio Touch though is its lack of bona fide extras. Ok, it’s a budget phone, but you can get all this and more on something like the HTC Tattoo or T-Mobile Pulse. Both those offer Android too, a far more intuitive OS.

That said, if you like your phones small and simple, the Samsung Genio Touch is great. It won’t win any awards for innovation, but its solid and stylish.

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