Nintendo DSi XL - first official video

We got a quick glimpse of the Nintendo DSi XL super large handheld gaming rig on Japanese TV last month, but now Ninty has just launched its first official video for it. Want to see it in action? Read on!

This is the first trailer for the Nintendo DSi XL (or LL as it’s known in Japan) from the gaming giant, and it gives you a good idea both of proportions (it’s not just the screen that’s bigger with the Nintendo DSi XL, but the stylus too) and who it’s targeting: grey gamers.

Nintendo DSi XL: jumbo gaming UK bound!

Skip to the end and you’ll also get a glimpse of the Nintendo DSi XL in all the muted colours it’s shipping in. It’s not out here until next year, but slap that play button and check the Nintendo DSi XL in action right now – try and ignore the laughing actors if you can.

Out 2010 | £TBC | Nintendo

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