Humax makes Freeview retune pledge

Humax has pledged to fix faulty Freeview boxes effected by the recent retune, as long as they’re within their two year warranty and can’t be brought back to life by their own telephone support staff.

Speaking to us after we reported faults which were still occurring a month after the retune, Humax said customers with boxes that aren’t working should contact them for guidance.

In a statement, a Humax spokesperson told us, “Humax will repair or replace any faulty products if they are within the warranty period. We’re not aware of any problems relating to retuning, but if that was the issue we would repair the product at no charge. However, if a hardware failure occurs and the box is outside of the warranty then any repairs will be rechargeable.”

Freeview retune: one month on, problems persist

The spokesperson went on to say that the Freeview retune should not be impacting on the performance of its set top boxes. However, they also said that users should get in touch with them if there are faults, so they can work out whether problems are down to signal issues.

It means that if you live in a post code area that Freeview says should work with your retuned box and the Humax guys can’t fix it, you’ve got a chance to return it and get a new one. Be sure to check your coverage through Freeview’s postcode checker first.

We’ve had myriad complaints about Humax boxes. David said, “My 9300t tunes itv/chanel4 [sic] and 5 to weak signals, and puts the main chanels [sic] in 800 range. Have done all sorts of retunes as recomended [sic] by Humax to no avail. Sent me a new one today that has done exactly the same.”

However, Gary said, “My humax pvr would not re tune to all channels despite auto and manual retune and after speaking with customer services the box was exchanged for a new one, now works fine.”

The announcement by Humax is great news and a victory for those struggling o fix their Freeview boxes.

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