Nintendo DSi XL - first video

The Nintendo DSi XL made its debut in Japan yesterday, promising a bigger screen, stylus and size for those with a squint or less dainty fingers. Now, the first video of the huge handheld has made its way online. Want to see how it stacks up against its younger DS Lite and DSi brothers? Read on for the viddy!

A Japanese TV station aired this clip of the Nintendo DSi XL, or LL as it’s been labelled in the land of the rising sun, and it gives you the best idea yet of the size increase in comparison to previous models in the DS series, as well as quick glimpse of the Nintendo DSi XL being fondled by Ninty prez Satoru Iwata.

Nintendo DSi XL: jumbo gaming UK bound!

We’re quite taken by the large screen, which should make text heavy DS games much more fun to play, although the stylus still looks like a biro that’s been nicked from the bank.

Take a look at the Nintendo DSi XL up close in this video, and stay tuned for plenty more coverage – anyone outside of Japan will be camping out for one of these for some time to come yet.

Out 2010 | £TBC | Nintendo (Via Kotaku)

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