Sony Ericsson Jalou review
We love
Looks great, helping bring back the fashion phone, Google Maps, 3G
We hate
No 3.5mm jack, laggy UI
A decent stab at resurrecting the fashion phone, even if Sony Ericsson’s refusal to use a 3.5mm jack remains infuriating.

Gone are the days when fashion phones were more popular than a Kate Moss–branded dress. However, like a particular trendy slice of vintage finery, the genre is making a comeback and the Sony Ericsson Jalou is leading the charge. But is this trendy cell worth a punt in an age of clever smartphones? Read our Sony Ericsson Jalou review now and we’ll reveal all.

Let’s make it abundantly clear, the Sony Ericsson Jalou doesn’t do what smartphones do. There’s no document editing and surfing the web is more cumbersome than digging out your first-gen iMac and using Netscape. But that’s not to say this blower won’t catch the eye.

Yes, this is very much a fashion phone, something which has been dying out of late. As well as toting a stunning sleek frame, measuring just 73×45×18.2mm, the Sony Ericsson Jalou’s screen can be turned into a mirror, for those who so vain they need to check their look every five seconds. Still, it’s a nifty touch which takes its cue from the cool, but old-school LG Shine.

But this is no airhead. There’s 3G on board, a keypad that’s nice and tactile and room for a microSD slot for stashing away tunes for listening to on the move. That said, the Sony Ericsson Jalou continues the infuriating tradition of eschewing a 3.5mm jack for the proprietary, not to mention hulking, Sony Ericsson charger and headphone port. It’s an issue on the high-end Sony Ericsson Satio and it’s an issue here too.

This glaring miss aside, Google Maps, although a pain to find under the myriad menus, is a class touch and helps the Sony Ericsson Jalou punch above its weight. It’s increasingly becoming a standard feature across all mobiles and one we heartily applaud.

If you’re after a smartphone, the Sony Ericsson Jalou is not what you want. If you fancy a phone that looks cute and cool, but can handle the basics, and well, then you’re in the right place.

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