iPhone update causing battery havoc

iPhone owners, have you bumped yourself up to iPhone OS 3.1 yet? The latest software came with a bunch of new features like Genius app recommendations, but one unfortunate side effect too for many: shockingly bad battery life. The problem’s so bad that Apple’s now reaching out to owners to work out the problem. Read on for the lowdown.

iPhone OS 3.1 was one of the flurry of announcements at Apple’s iPod shindig earlier this month, but not every upgrader is pleased with the new additions. Over on the Apple forums, angry owners have been complaining about sudden and sizeable dips in battery life, with some of the Cupertino cellies allegedly losing juice at up to 25 percent an hour. On standby.

iPhone OS 3.1 unleashed

It’s now reached the point where Apple CareDesk helpers are actually reaching out to affected iPhone lovers with a questionnaire and even battery life logging software to check if the claims are legit.

It’s not clear if and when a fix will be made, but AppleInsider speculates that it could arrive with a firmware update enabling MMS for American iPhone owners this coming Friday. We’ll let you know if and when Steve Jobs’ crack team catch the offending code.

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