iPod touch 64GB unveiled

UPDATE: The pricing is out, and the new iPod touch 64GB will set you back £299, and ship within 5 business days – 4 longer than the iPod nano. That camera though? Not happening, nano only alas.

It’s official: the iPod touch is doubling up to 64GB, so you can store even more tunes, movies and apps. Nipping at the iPod Classic now, isn’t it?

Apple’s Phil Schiller just confirmed the upgrade on stage at San Francisco, and the new iPod touch will be getting the iPhone 3GS’s upgraded graphics too for glorious gaming. There’s been no word of a camera upgrade alongside it but Steve’s one more thing is still on the way so fingers crossed.

We’re chasing UK pricing right now on the new, bigger capacity iPod touch so stay tuned.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple

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