LG SL9000 - borderless TV beauty

Remember that bezel-less LG telly we peeped earlier in the Summer? Ditch it: the LG SL9000 is the new borderless video box to beat all others, thanks to a stunning design and edge LED technology to rival Philips’ Ambilight line up. Read on for the pics and the specs!

The 1080p LG SL9000′s a slicker version of the SL80 unveiled back in July, rocking the same tiny frame margins. The difference? The LG SL9000 boasts edge LED tech to give it an even smoother finish. Not only is the new LG SL9000 borderless though, it’s almost two dimensional, as it’s less than 3cm thick – ideal for pasting on to the wall.

Not content with just showing off the 42 and 47 inch LG SL9000 models, LG’s confirmed the LG LH9000 flat screen with LED lighting baked in to turn the contrast up higher than a vicar at a Rammstein gig (5,000,000:1), as well as smooth 200Hz refresh rates. Both models pack 4 HDMI ports.

Prices are still to be announced for the new models, but the good news is they’re officially UK bound, with the LG SL9000 and LH9000 hitting shelves and home cinema systems in November.

Out November | £TBC | LG

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