OS X Snow Leopard - built for touchscreens

Ah conspiracy theories. Preserve of the suspicious and those who just love a good rumour monger. Well, with Apple’s 9 September event less than a week away, the latest gossip actually seems to make a modicum of sense. See, Snow Leopard’s virtual keyboard looks pretty big. So big, it could even work on a touchscreen.

9to5Mac has picked up on this neat little tidbit about the slick new OS X Snow Leopard. The virtual keyboard, previously a dinky effort buried away on Leopard, is now a full blown version which can be stretched to full screen.

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So what, you say. Well this could point to the mighty Snow Leopard storming its way onto a new touchscreen device in the very near future. After all, a virtual keyboard you can resize would be ace on something like a 10–inch Apple Tablet.

Of course, this is speculation. But all will be revealed at Apple’s party next week. We’ll be down the front, bringing you all the gossip as it happens.

Out now | £25 | Apple (via 9to5Mac)

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