Nokia X6 - the most beautiful Nokia ever

Whoa. Here’s one Nokia did keep under wraps: the Nokia X6. It’s Nokia’s latest, biggest and baddest music player, and it makes the 5800 XpressMusic look about as cool as bottle of coke left in the glove compartment. Read on to find out all about it.

The Nokia X6 is the first in the new X series we heard whispers about, and it’s nothing short of stunning. As well as 3.2-inch touchscreen, there’s 32GB of storage on board like the N97 for all your tunes, and it’s a Comes With Music device to stock up on all you can eat tunes.

The Nokia X6 is good for an epic 35 hours of tune chuck back, or 16 hours standby time, and there’s GPS, Flash Lite support and a 5 megapixel camera rounding off the package. Really though, we’re all about the looks here: the Nokia X6 looks like a slim and sexy BlackBerry Storm, and is a design landmark for the Finns. It’ll be out later this year, but expect more info incoming shortly.

Out Q4 | €459 | Nokia (Via Nokia Conversations)

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