If you had your eye and your wallet on the Dick Tracey LG Watch Phone, we hope you got down to the Orange Store in central London this morning to swoop one of the select few available. We’ve got one of the only talking timepieces in the country, so we’ve swiped it from its container for your viewing pleasure. Read on for the unboxing photos!

The last time we got to grips with the LG Watch phone was way back at CES in January, but here’s the finished product slapped on our wrist. As a watch, it’s a gorgeous bit of kit that rivals the same company’s LG Prada II Bluetooth watch for looks. The strap feels just like dead cow should and the face is smooth and subtle. You won’t get any odd looks on the train with the LG Watch Phone on. But er, how does it work as a phone?

Actually, surprisingly well. The small screen is very responsive to sliding across with your fingers, the T9 keypad is surprisingly easy to type on (though you can only see one line of text at a time) and the Bluetooth syncing is nigh on instant when you flick on the headset. MP3 playback is easy enough and it even sounds okay via the LG Watch Phone’s speaker, but we doubt anyone else on the train will think so if you try.

The voice command was a stumbling block though, as it couldn’t recognise the word “Yes” no matter how loud we yelled, but otherwise LG seems to have defied the odds when it comes to usability.

There’s still the issue of the LG Watch Phone being a watch though. Video calls conducted over the HSDPA hook-up on the LG Watch Phone work well, but would you ever field a call on it in public? After paying £500 for one? We’re still not sure about that.

Still, have a look at the LG Watch Phone close-up and if you’re sure it’s still the timekeeping kit for you, you’ll be able to order one online, but register your interest quickly.

Out Now | £500 | LG

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