Android for landlines lands

Archos’s Android app store isn’t exactly, shall we say, a great new direction for Google’s mobile OS, but Cloud Telecomputer’s new idea genuinely is: it’s working to put Android inside desktop phones for work. Fancy a bit of Spotify while you’re on hold? Read on to find out how!

Fed up with boring old buttons on your work phone? This “Glass” phone platform drops crud-filled keys and poxy one line LCD displays for a glossy 8-inch touchscreen and Android controls and power.

That means plenty of apps, visual voicemail, easy call loggin, Bluetooth syncing and even swiping through email while you’re on the blower. It also means third-party Android apps can be slapped on at any time, though we reckon your IE6 loving IT overlords will have their say about that one.

There’s still no word yet on a release date for the Android Glass phone, but have a look at it close up in our gallery while we try and chase up pricing: if you’re a conference call nut, this is a must have.

Out TBC | £TBC | Cloud Telecomputers

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