Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 review
We love
Long battery life, SOS mode
We hate
Lack of features, not as solid as its rivals
A decent rugged phone, but not nearly as tough as its rivals
Launch Price

Rocking a mobile phone that’s a refection of rugged manliness isn’t something that’s too becoming. Especially when us gadget fans are such fey types. But following the double–hard Land Rover S1 and rock solid Nokia 3720, the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 is aimed right at the hard nuts who put their mobile through a series of outdoor trials every day. But can it beat down it’s hard–as–nails rivals? Read our full Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 review and we’ll tell you.

Grab the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 and the first thing you’ll notice is its rubbery casing. This is designed to protect your precious phone from the elements. That means it can sit pretty in half a metre of water for 30 minutes without dying. Trust us, we tried it and it worked a treat. It also means it’s dust proof, will withstand hearty British rain and work like a dream in serious hot or cold. Perfect if you’re off to extreme climes, but hardly necessary here in average weather Blighty.

The SOS–mode on the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 is definitely a winner. Specify a set of contacts and you can hit the help button and send a message out when you’re stranded atop a mountain. The torch up top should help as the dark sets in and those animal noises become ever more bizarre.

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However, while Nokia and Sonim prepare rugged phones that come with modern day features including GPS, surely ideal for outdoors mobiles, the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 lacks badly. It only has a 1.3MP camera, comes with EDGE and its 128×160, 1.77–inch screen is nothing short of prehistoric.

Obviously, the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 is all about staying alive in the nastiest conditions you can throw at it. But seeing as even the most basic blowers come toting high–end extras these days, would it have been so hard for Samsung to sling in a few high–end goodies?

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