Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 review
We love
Touchscreen, style, great auto modes
We hate
Annoying lens shutter, price
A brilliant compact snapper with a dash of great style and specs to match
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When a gadget’s namesake is a Terminator, you know you need to sit up and take notice. And not just for your own personal safety. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 should be welcomed into your life, unlike Arnie and his futuristic cohorts. But enough with the name. Can it stand up and beat down its compact competitors. Read our Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 review below and find out.

Be under no illusion. Just because Sony is getting all fancy with the likes of the Alpha A380 and HX1 doesn’t mean it’s abandoned making killer compact snappers. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 is one awesome piece of kit. Rocking a 3.5–inch touchscreen, its bod’ only rocks the most essential of buttons. That means everything other than zoom, shutter and playback is taken care of on the sharp screen.

And because the screen covers virtually the entire rear of the T900, you can see your 12MP shots in all their glorious detail. Taking award–winning snaps isn’t too difficult either. The T900 will automatically pick a scene mode, track faces, recognise smiles and even give the exposure a tickle. That means even if you’re the worst snapper to ever grace the planet, you’ll still get decent shots.

On top of that auto goodness, the T900 crams in a 4x folding lens and HD ready (720p) video, although you’ll be stung for another £30 in order to direct them straight from the T900 onto your TV. The quality, though, is spot on and will look the part when you do get round to sticking them on your gogglebox.

Sony Cyber–shot camera range refreshed

There are some rather annoying niggles though. The T900’s lens cover needs to be pried open with two hands, hardly ideal for taking quick shots on the move. And at £300, it’s hardly the cheapest compact on the market either. Shop around and you could even grab yourself a basic DSLR for that kind of dosh.

That said, the Sony T900 is all about style. And there’s no doubting it has bags of it. Plus that 3.5–inch screen is the best we’ve seen on any compact, period. Well worth a shout if you love shiny goods that do the business too.

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