Samsung Jet review
We love
OLED screen is lush, specs galore
We hate
Lack of smartphone skills
A cool phone let down by a few laggy problems

Samsung has been beavering away round the clock to serve up the lush OLED screen found on its latest top notch mobile, the Samsung Jet. That 3.1–inch wonder, alongside specs that’ll make Apple, Nokia and the rest of the gang green with envy, plus lofty claims that the Jet is “smarter than a smartphone” should make this blower a winner. Read our full Samsung Jet review below to see whether it really can do the business.

There’s no escaping it. The Samsung Jet‘s stunning OLED screen is the best we’ve ever seen on a mobile. It’s so good that it makes watching flicks on its relatively cramped 3.1–inches enjoyable. Tap it and you’ll find its touch powers are streets ahead of LG and Nokia, although as it’s resistive, it can’t quite reach the heights of the iPhone 3GS or even the HTC Hero.

One of sharpest, most compact packages we’ve come across in ages, the Samsung Jet finds space for a competent 5–megapixel snapper, great video and audio and micro USB ports that don’t get in the way. Plus a snazzy Smart Unlock feature that uses gesture control to unlock the blower and dial designated pals. Swish.

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In spite of the usual HSDPA, Wi–Fi and Bluetooth suspects, claims that the Samsung Jet is “smarter than a smartphone” are wider of the mark than a Darren Bent header. The 800Mhz processor should feel faster and the lack of 3rd party apps leaves the Jet trailing in a world where add–ons are all the rage.

The Samsung Jet is undoubtedly powerful. It has a spec sheet to sate the appetite of tech heads and stat fans, but the Touchwiz UI is shonky and doesn’t offer full–on smartphone capabilties. Our advice? Hold out for the similarly specced Samsung Android phone, due soon.

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