LG is busy getting its BL40 Chocolate feature phone out of the door right now, but never let it be said it’s not a forward thinking company: peep this design for an LG headset that folds out from candy bar to cans!

The HiFi concept handset was one of the newly announced winners of LG’s Design The Future competition. Like the new Chocolate, it’s a touchscreen phone with a twist: it unfurls to wrap around your head so you can handle calls and listen to music on the go.

LG BL40 Chocolate official photos

Also shortlisted was a flexible phone called Morph, that could be bent and worn around the wrist. Strangely, LG’s not released a picture of the winning design for a modular phone that slots into laptops and netbooks, though perhaps that means it’s swiped the idea for itself.

Of course, this LG folding phone is just a concept right now and nothing more. That said, if we had to bet on either LG or Motorola following through on their absurd future visions, we’d put money on the former every time.

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