Acer shelves Android netbook

Acer was gearing to be the first out of the gate with an Android netbook, but those plans have been taken out to pasture: according to insiders, the Android Acer Aspire One has been postponed indefinitely.

According to industry sources in Taiwan, the Acer Android netbook we peeped at Computex has been postponed, as “evaluation has found demand for an Android netbook is not strong”. In other words, we all want Google Chrome OS on our netbooks instead.

We’ve seen the occasional hack, but the Android netbook has failed to take off or attract big name interest, so this should come as no surprise – it’s much more suited to mobiles and PMPs. The only question is, will the Acer Android netbook get launched next year at all?

Interestingly, the report also claims that Asus won’t release any more new Eee PC netbooks this year. Asus has broken similar promises before, so we’ll believe that when we see it.

Out TBC | £TBC | Acer (Via DigiTimes)

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