Virgin Media announces PictureBox on demand movie service

Virgin and Universal are bestest buddies at the moment. The pair has only just announced the music subscription service and now Virgin has revealed that it’s going to bring Universal’s PictureBox on demand movie service to its cable customers.

PictureBox isn’t quite as new or exciting as the music service, mainly because you can already get it on Tiscali, Top Up TV and BT Vision, but Virgin has squeezed an extra deal in. HD versions of some of PictureBox’s 28 constantly updated movies will be available to Virgin customers.

The line up includes The Holiday, Hot Fuzz, King Kong, Constant Gardner and Bourne Supremacy as well as classics like E.T. and Total Recall. Seven new titles are added to the catalogue each week.

PictureBox will cost you an extra £5 per month on top of your usual Virgin subscription. Virgin says that it’ll be launching the service next month.

Out July | £5 per month | Virgin Media (via T3)

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