Samsung Bigfoot Android phone headed to T-Mobile

Samsung’s Bigfoot may be stomping its way over to T-Mobile USA this Summer. A new picture of the elusive Android slider has appeared, showing off a garish new colour scheme, along with rumours of a possible release, any day now.

A new picture of the Samsung Bigfoot (via Boy Genius)appears to show a rather horrible green colour scheme, which we aren’t quite convinced is a good idea. Colour scheme aside, the pic does come with a nice rumour regarding the release. T-Mobile USA are said to be lining up the Bigfoot for a release ‘really soon’.

The Samsung Bigfoot was first spotted (in a blurry photograph, appropriately enough) when someone leaked T-Mobile‘s 2009 release roadmap earlier this year. T-Mobile have since confirmed that Samsung are one of three manufacturers with whom they will be releasing Android phones this year – along with Motorola and HTC.

The Samsung Bigfoot has a similar form factor to the G1 – a three-inch screen with a slide-out horizontal keypad. The QWERTY keys on the Bigfoot look a bit more solid, however, and the Bigfoot’s screen is a tasty-sounding AMOLED job. We have our fingers crossed that this one won’t remain the sole property of T-Mobile USA and that it will make its way across the pond.

TBC | £tbc | T-Mobile (via Slashgear)

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