Samsung F480 Tocco
We love
Lithe styling, customisable widgets and good camer
We hate
What happened to the Wi-Fi? And that touchscreen is annoying
The Samsung Tocco looks like a super model handset, unfortunately it’s let down at the last minute by a severe case of the twitchy touchscreens.

With sultry looks and a five-megapixel camera, the Samsung Tocco is less bulky than the range of camera phones that came immediately before it, proving that you can have a phone with style, snapping prowess and about a billion other features as well.

Just looking at the Samsung Tocco makes you feel hungry. It measures a super-svelte 12mm thin. This would have to run around in the shower just to get wet! Another neat touch from Samsung is the way you can customise the icon layout on the Tocco’s 2.8-inch Haptic-enabled touchscreen, which puts your favourite functions within easy reach. That said, the touchscreen is a bit clumsy and can’t match the iPhone’s, say, for overall responsiveness or sheer fluidity.

Other boons on the Tocco include the super-fast HSDPA-powered 3G that allows you to go web-browsing at a moment’s notice. But what happened to the Wi-Fi Samsung? Hmm?

The Tocco’s five-megapixel camera is a decent offering for a camera phone though. While it’s hardly complemented by the puny LED flash, it does take some decent snaps and there’s a truck-load of extra features, such as Smile Shot, which recognises when someone’s smiling and focuses on them (it’ll have a job with Gordon Brown). But be warned: the Tocco’s lens is positioned near the edge of the camera, so you need to be careful to avoid tasteful close-ups of your thumb.

Overall then, the Tocco is a decent phone, but it’s let down by a few annoying niggles such as the pitiful three hours battery life for talk time, the lack of Wi-Fi and the fiddly touchscreen. Shame.

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