MacBook Air 3G Netbook family on the way

A MacBook Air with 3G built in is on the way according to new sources, and that’s just the start of it: Apple is looking to bring in an entry-level MacBook Air at a cheaper price than ever before too. Could it be the smaller, fabled Apple netbook?

Silicon Rumors has it on good account that a new MacBook Air will have 3G built in to get you surfing without wandering around scavenging for a hotspot. That’s not all though: the sources also claim that a newer entry price MacBook Air costing between $1,200 and $1,500 (£800-£930) is on the cards.

Given that the current cheapest model MacBook Air clocks in at £1,271, that could point to a smaller, 10 or 11-inch MacBook Air, which might explain all the Apple netbook rumours that have been floating around over the last year.

The Mac tablet: what we know so far

Truth be told though, the Mac tablet rumours doing the rounds seem more viable than a smaller MacBook Air netbook – CEO Tim Cook recently dissed netbooks as “junky” – but we’ve seen plenty of hints that a 3G Mac of some sorts is incoming, so we could get a confirmation as soon as WWDC next month.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (Via Silicon Rumors) (MacBook Air available at Apple)

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