NVIDIA 3D Vision goes on sale

NVIDIA 3D Vision, the graphic guru’s clever kit to turn your plain old monitor into a 3D screen for gaming, has just gone on sale in the UK.

NVIDIA 3D Vision is a clever way to bring 3D tech to your PC without having to buy a dedicated screen, and it’s just gone on sale in the UK. NVIDIA 3D Vision works by lashing up a pair of wireless 3D specs to an infrared transmitter, and using some software jiggery pokery to have your monitor slinging two different pictures simultaneously, so there’s no flicker.

With NVIDIA 3D Vision googles donned, you’ll get depth perception in PC games, particularly useful for shooters, so long as you’ve got a PC decked out with Vista and compatible graphics card. You’ll also need a PC monitor that 120Hz to use NVIDIA 3D Vision, but you can buy one bundled with it (The Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ, if you’re asking) for £399, or use a similarly specced HDTV.

NVIDIA 3D Vision is shipping now, and we’ll be back with more if and when NVIDIA expands the tech to consoles.

Out Now | £from £129 | NVIDIA (Via TechRadar)

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