Microsoft Xbox 360 “Xtival” 1-4 May, free Xbox Live Gold membership

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is hosting its annual, online, virtual festival “Xtival” this weekend. From noon 1 to noon 4 May, Xbox Live online service Gold membership benefits will be available to all Microsoft Xbox 360 owners. As well as free Gold Xbox Live membership, Microsoft says the festival will feature: “competitions and tournaments, and loads of exclusive HD movies, music and game downloads.”

What will gamers get above and beyond the standard Silver Xbox Live membership that comes in the box with a Microsoft Xbox 360? Multiplayer gaming online and early and exclusive access to extra downloadable content in Xbox Live Marketplace. The multiplayer system really is the star of Xbox Live and the Microsoft Xbox 360. So if you haven’t tried it before, try it this weekend and see what you’re missing, during the Xtival.

In addition to multiplayer gaming, last year’s Xtival saw the early release of a high-definition music video from The Prodigy’s Invaders Must Die album, plus exclusive Franz Ferdinand, Watchmen and Oasis content. No word yet on what this year will bring.

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