Super-thin Eee PC to rival MacBook Air

A super-thin Eee PC to rival the MacBook Air will be launching as soon as April. Dubbed the Eee PC Shell, the super-thin Asus Eee PC could debut as soon as CeBIT next week. Find out what we know after the jump.

According to a Chinese newspaper, the Eee PC Shell will be a super-thin, 10.1 inch laptop with higher specs than the classy Asus S101, boast a better battery and a sub £500 pricetag. There’s no explanation of the Shell name, but we’d like to imagine a super-thin Eee PC with a clam shaped, curvy design.

We’re more than a little intrigued by this, as we thought the super-thin follow up to the Asus S101 would be the S121, which we saw on show at CES. It’s certainly skinny like a MacBook Air, but there’s nothing shell like about it. The CeBIT tradeshow takes place next week, so we’ll hopefully find out for sure then. Stay tuned.

Out April | £TBC | Asus (Via DigiTimes)

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