New iPhone spy shot leaks online

The new iPhone could sport a matte black finish if new spy shots leaked online are to be believed. Check out what could be Apple‘s new iPhone after the jump!

If this is the new iPhone, we can’t wait for the matte black finish, with no more fingerprints smearing the shell. It’s a shame that there’s no sign that it’ll be getting a storage upgrade yet to put it on a par with the 32GB iPod Touch though.

But is it legit? It’s got a legitimate looking model number and an FCC number, but anything new from Apple leaking online this early would be very unusual. And the leak has come from China, home of iPhone alikes galore.

What do you reckon? Could it be for real? If so, how badly does the new iPhone need more capacity? Hit us up in the comments below.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (Via Mac Rumors)

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