iTunes on demand streaming incoming!

iTunes could be getting on demand streaming in the next update according to new reports. It would let iTunes users stream their library to any location, direct from Apple’s iTunes servers. Find out how Apple plans to tackle iPlayer with iTunes on demand streaming, after the jump!

Two separate – though anonymous – sources have confirmed that Apple is working on an on demand streaming service for iTunes, dubbed iTunes Replay.

The premise is simple: instead of having to download music and videos first, you’ll be able to stream them instantly from Apple’s servers. It means that, once you’ve paid, you’ll have access to your iTunes library anywhere you can get online, whether it contains music, movies or TV shows.

Very generous, we think, and while there are no further details (will it work on the iPhone? Over 3G?), it does at least raise the possibility of an iTunes subscription service. We’ll keep you posted.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (Via CNET)

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