FEAR 2 to advertise on animals

First person shooter FEAR 2 is using a unique method of advertising to tie in with the game’s launch on Friday the 13th, the game’s publisher will be using black cats as billboards for the game! Yes. They’re really going to advertise on cats.

Warner Bros is playing on people’s superstitions and fears this week for the release of FEAR 2: Project Origin by slapping adverts for the game onto black cats, and letting them prowl the streets of London town. Don’t walk under a ladder near one of these, or your Xbox will get the RROD!

Don’t worry: it’s humane, as the cats have been “specially trained” and only wear coats with the FEAR 2 logo – they haven’t been painted or anything. Best of all though, if you fancy putting shivers down the spine of your own neighbours, you can request FEAR 2 clothing for your own cat by calling 020 7841 6668.

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