New INQ phone to have Twitter built in

Twitter is coming to the next INQ Facebook phone – and that’s straight from the CEO himself. Read all the juicy details after the jump!

We took ourselves down to INQ’s HQ in Battersea, London this evening to find out a bit more about what INQ has planned for its “social mobile”. The company’s CEO, Frank Meehan, was on hand to discuss plans, when he let slip a few choice words about everyone’s favourite micro blogging platform, Twitter.

Asked if Twitter was something he would include in the next INQ phone, Meehan said: “I think we’d be stupid if we didn’t but we haven’t confirmed it yet – you want to do it properly.”

That’s good enough for us. After all, Meehan’s hardly going to call himself stupid now, is he?

What we don’t know is whether the INQ2, as we’ve decided to call it just now, will let us sync our Twitter and Facebook status updates, so we don’t have to do everything twice.

Maybe it’ll do even more. Meehan wouldn’t give us any more details, but we’ll be sure to tweet them to you when we find out (we’re on Twitter @electricpig, if you fancy following us). And er, we’ll tell you here too, of course.

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