BBC HD downloads headed to iTunes

BBC HD downloads are coming to iTunes according to a Beeb spokesperson. High def Dr Who? Yes please, iTunes!

Although there’s been no official date from Auntie, a BBC spokesperson has let slip that it “will at some point soon be releasing HD titles on iTunes in the UK”, and that more details on HD downloads are on the way “in the coming weeks”.

The news follows the first HD shows cropping up on iTunes in the UK last month, starting with American head-scratcher, Lost. But it raises the question of pricing if the BBC is planning a HD iPlayer too. How much extra will you have to shell out to keep the shows in question?

We’ll bring you more details as and when they’re released, but in the meantime, which BBC shows would you most like to see in HD for download? Scribble down your thoughts in the comments below, but don’t put Points of View. Please.

Out TBC | £TBC | BBC (Via TechRadar)

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