Toshiba TG01 smartphone

We’ve just been manhandling the Toshiba TG01, a Windows Mobile phone with more power, a better screen and slimmer shell than any other handset in the world. Want to get up close and personal for yourself? Come Feast your eyes on our photo extravaganza after the jump!

The Toshiba TG01 is slim. Incredibly slim. Check out the pictures below and you’ll see it next to an iPhone and a BlackBerry Bold. It makes both look tubby, while the 4.1 inch screen dwarfs the iPhone.

Take a peek at these pics, and you’ll also see Toshiba has re-skinned Windows Mobile 6.1. The interface is a stripey number, but all the essentials are there, from Mobile Office to Internet Explorer Mobile 6, DivX support and full Flash compatibility.

Enough reading. Get clicking on the photos below!

Out Summer 2009 | £TBC | Toshiba

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