Halo Wars DLC a maybe, says Microsoft

Exclusive: Halo Wars isn’t even out yet, but we’ve heard from the man in charge that the studio behind it is looking into adding extra downloadable content (DLC) through Xbox Live!

We spoke to the game’s lead producer, Jason Pace, at a sneak peek of the game for UK journos, where he let slip that “additional downloadable content is something we’re looking in to.”

Understandably, that got us excited, so we pressed the Microsoft Game Studios man for more details.

“We are committed to supporting the franchise,” he said, but added that “there’re no definite plans yet.”

So it’s a case of fingers crossed for extra content, but while Microsoft’s looking into it, there are no guarantees it’ll happen. Pace wouldn’t say anything about a Halo Wars sequel either – hardly surprising when the studio behind it is closing down after this game – but he remained optimistic: “from our perspective, the future is wide open”.

Sounds good eh? But while you’re waiting for that, you might have time to complete Rockstar’s GTA IV: Lost And Damned DLC for the Xbox, out next month.

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