Vodafone users get free Babelgum mobile video trial

UK Vodafone customers are being offered a free six-month trial of mobile video service Bebelgum, providing they have an unlimited data packages and a compatible handset.

Babelgum is a web-based video service serving up short films, comedy, music and documentaries, but don’t go thinking this is user generated stuff like the clips you’d find on YouTube. This is quality content made by professional producers.

The site is currently in beta (what site isn’t?) and planning to launch a premium mobile service in the UK and Italy. The site promotes user-submitted content and can share short clips via a Facebook app.

Vodafone customers with either a Nokia N96, N95 or 6210 and a suitable data bundle can download the Babelgum symbian app and enjoy mobile video for free over the next six months. The service will be supported by advertising at a later date, and according to Babelgum, will “remain totally free for viewers.”

Of course, there are a number of alternatives (*cough* YouTube *cough* Joost *splutter*) already, so Babelgum chief exec Valerio Zingarelli was quick to point out what makes this different. “What sets us apart is that we’re the first independent online television company to cross over into full mobile internet, a truly original application and programming,” said the CEO, “Our content offering also reflects the new communication codes of the web, with fast, fun entertainment that’s enhanced by high-quality, professional production standards.”

Right then. Good.

Available now | £free | Babelgum.com

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