a person wearing 3D glasses, engrossed in watching a movie on the LG 3D TV

LG has a demo version of its home 3D TV here at CES 2009, so we slipped on the 3D glasses and gave it a go. Much to our surprise, unlike a number of the other 3D TV showings here at CES, it didn’t leave us with a headache or feeling like we needed an Swedish eyeball massage.

LG showed off a pair of prototype plasma 3D TVs that it is planning for homes. Find out more details about these next-gen flatscreens and what it’s really like to watch  LG’s 3D TV.

When you slip on the ‘Active Shutter’ 3D glasses and look at the plasma screen the images instantly stretch onto multiple planes, with objects in the foreground sharply focussed, accentuated by layered backgrounds and scenery that rolls realistically towards the horizon. One particularly smart moment that we witnessed was when a virtual butterfly flew in front of the main cartoon character on screen in the foreground, triggering a response of “what the hell’s that!” in front of our eyes. Point is it worked, it’s reasonably convincing, and there was far less eye strain than we’ve experienced before with other 3D systems. Plus, unlike old school 3D concepts there’s none of that red and blue image stuff, instead representing the true gamut of colours. Impressive.

As for the plasmas, LG had two 3D TVs on show – 55 and 60-inch models each with HDMI and loaded with LG’s top image processing tech.

No word yet on when 3D TV will become a reality in the home, but it’s definitely something that LG and the other big telly manufacturers are beginning to look at seriously.


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