Sony Ericsson, Garmin, Asus and Toshiba sign up to Open Handset Alliance

It’s not as if the Android operating system needs much more momentum, but that’s exactly what it’s just been given, with several huge tech firms signing up to its parent body, the Open Handset Alliance.

Sony Ericsson, Garmin, Asus and Toshiba are all on board, which makes us wonder what Android-powered goodies they all have in store.

We know Google has plans to push Android beyond mobile phones. Could it power a next-gen satnav for Garmin?

We’ve already heard mutterings of an Eee-branded Android phone from Asus, and Toshiba’s not adverse to cranking out the odd handset or two itself.

But what of Sony Ericsson, arguably the biggest boost for Android’s open source foundation? The company’s at pains to point out that it’s not abandoning Symbian, and issued a statement this morning committing to its “existing Open OS strategy which is based on the Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms.”

So what’s Sont Ericsson up to? Is there an Android phone up its sleeve, or something else entirely?

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