Nintendo’s DS e-reader priced and dated

There were rumours of Nintendo turning the DS Lite into an eBook reader doing the rounds earlier this year, but they’ve just come true. Nintendo’s confirmed its bookwork-friendly title will come packing 100 classic novels, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity to download more.

Due for release on Boxing Day, 100 Classic Book Collection will pack titles from Austen, Dickens, and Shakespeare amongst others, as well as the ability to download ten more books using the DS Lite’s Wi-Fi connection.

As you’d expect, the title works by holding the DS Lite like a book, and using the stylus to flip pages, but also allows text sized to be changed, bookmarks to be placed, and there’s even a search function.

Check out the screenshots below. But let us know in the comments section below, will you really read a whole book on the DS Lite’s teensy screens?

Out December 26 | £18 | Nintendo (On sale at Amazon)

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