Jonathan Ross splashes out on Macs, Sonos music streamers

We’re as besotted with the new MacBook as anyone else, but disgraced celebrity Jonathan Ross has taken his fandom to a whole new level, splurging on five brand new Apple laptops. That’s almost £5,000 in a single trip to the Apple store.

Presumably, Ross is using his new toys to entertain himself during his three month suspension by the BBC. However, they’re not his only new purchase.

The BBC chat show and radio host has also bagged a Sonos music system, streaming sounds around his North London home.

Ross is a self-confessed gadget addict, claiming to own 28 phones and have 150 power sockets in his house. It’s not known whether he’ll be using an iPod touch or iPhone to take charge of his Sonos.

Out now | From £950 | Via Distorted Loop

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