Ericsson predicts full HD-shooting 20-meg camera phones by 2012

We don’t hear much about the Nordic portion of Sony Ericsson these days, but at a recent press conference Ericsson made an intriguing prediction about mobile devices of the near future. By 2012, then, you can expect 20-megapixel camera and full 1080p video capture!

A slide from the conference suggests that mobile phone cameras will be as good or better than today’s pocket digital models (no surprise there) but also that video capture will be around the level of current “high end” camcorders.

It goes to to predict high definition XGA (1024 x 768) screen resolutions, 1GHz CPUs and Internet connections of 100Mbps! Sounds awesome – now where did we put that time machine?

Of course, being that we’re apparently all on the verge of GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN this prediction should be treated with a pinch, nay a handful of salt. Who knows – by 2012 we might all be living like those people out of Mad Max, in which case we won’t be too concerned about who has the most megapixels in their phone.

Via TechOn

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