VideoNintendo DSi caught on film. Pedometer add-on revealed

Want a closer look at the Nintendo DSi? Check out this video and you’ll see the new handheld from every angle, as well as tons of upcoming games, and Nintendo’s wireless pedometer add-on for fitness games!

By now you should know all about the new Nintendo DSi. It’s the next-gen DS Lite, with a camera, SD card slot and web browser built in. But now we’ve spied this video, courtesy of the chaps at Kotaku, which shows the new handheld with a pedometer-add on.

It appears to work with a DSi version of Nintendo’s existing fitness game, Wii Fit. By the looks of things, it syncs your days activity to the DS wirelessly, so it can keep track of how much blubber you’ve worked off.

It’s all very fancy, and with dual touchscreens, a beefed up screen size and slimmer shell, we reckon the DSi is a winner.

What do you think? Will you buy one? Give us a shout in the comments section below.

Out November 1 (Japan) | £100 | Nintendo (via Kotaku)

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