Exclusive video - Samsung M8800 Pixon

You’ve seen our hands-on pictures, now see the Samsung M8800 Pixon in video! We got a cheeky peek at the phone earlier than everyone else today, so come and join the 8 megapixel touchscreen fun!

The M8800 Pixon’s a beefy phone, make no mistake, but that girth is justified. Inside there’s HSDPA, Wi-Fi and a hulking great 8 megapixel camera. It’s all controlled with a touchscreen, and what a touchscreen it is.

More responsive than other 8 meg phones we’ve seen recently, its widget-laden home screen is also highly refined. Check the video below, and you’ll see they neatly pop in and out of the sidebar. Even text alerts can be chucked around the screen if they get in the way.

The M8800 Pixon looks like being Samsung’s strongest phone to date. The interface is slick, the camera’s a beast. What more could you want?

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