Video - LG Renoir KC910 first look

LG’s just handed over the brand new Renoir KC910 for us to play with. It’s the world’s first full touchscreen 8 megapixel phone, complete with GPS, Wi-Fi, DivX and Dolby technology inside. Come and take a look!

As well as all the usual telephonic tidbits, the KC910 packs an awesome set of camera software. It’s fully touchscreen, with sliders to adjust zoom and focus (in manual mode), but there’s also face recognition, blink detection and ISO 1600 for great performance in low light.

On the media side, DivX support means videos look great, without sapping too much memory, and there’s Dolby audio technology inside too.

GPS means photos are geo-tagged automatically, and there’s even a personal trainer app inside, to monitor performance if you take the phone jogging.

It’s all hidden behind an awesome new interface, with widgets for quick access to favourite functions. Take a look at the video below, and you’ll see it in action.


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